i've blogged on and off since i was 18 (that's 7 years, woah) but have never taken as long a break from it as i did this year. working with bloggers for a career by it's very nature turns your hobby into a job, and it can sometimes be hard to remember the passion that made you love it in the first place. that, and a broken laptop and camera have made it impossible for me to blog at all this year. i'm at home at the moment and thought, ooh i'll catch up on some blogs, then one thing led to another and... here are 10 of my favourite blogger babes at the moment. a little bit on inspiration of what i'd like my little space of the internet to be... if i had a laptop and camera that is.


  1. I can empathise with this hugely, I haven't blogged for 6 months for various reasons but we should make a pact that in the New Year we will kick start our blogs again! X

  2. It's definitely hard to keep up with a blog, it needs a lot of passion and work and sometimes it can get quite frustrating.
    Loved your picks, Mexiquer and Camilla (from into the fold) are also a few of my fave bloggers!