ss15 inspiration

i am one of those people who will easily spend hours scrolling through blogs, instagram, pinterest and wherever else being inspired by the images i see. i have folders on my laptop, folders on my work computer, folders on my phone just filled with images that i find to hold inspiration and interest. now that i am trying to start blogging again i thought i would share some of my favorites on this space. 

if i know the source it will be credited below.

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for love and lemons

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i've blogged on and off since i was 18 (that's 7 years, woah) but have never taken as long a break from it as i did this year. working with bloggers for a career by it's very nature turns your hobby into a job, and it can sometimes be hard to remember the passion that made you love it in the first place. that, and a broken laptop and camera have made it impossible for me to blog at all this year. i'm at home at the moment and thought, ooh i'll catch up on some blogs, then one thing led to another and... here are 10 of my favourite blogger babes at the moment. a little bit on inspiration of what i'd like my little space of the internet to be... if i had a laptop and camera that is.

mandala tattoo

yesterday i got my seventh tattoo, a mandala on the inside of my elbow. i absolutely love the intricate pattern, dot work and grey shading of it which was done hannah, an apprentice tattoo artist at loaded forty four tattoo in manchester. i think she absolutely kicked it out the ball park and my addiction has definitely been rekindled!

missguided ss14 blogger event

last month was the missguided ss14 press day and blogger event. i work as the blogger outreach assistant at missguided and this was my first ever event for them. as a blogger i have been to my fair share of events in the past, however seeing the day through from initial notebook scribbles to posts on the blogs of those who attended was incredible. i can't tell you how much work went into this and the event soared past my wildest expectations. i am so proud of our team, and i'd also like to thank all you beautiful blogger babes who came and made it a success! 

after the event i managed to leave my camera in london while rushing to make the last train back to manchester, so apologies for how late this posts is, and for being mia! i now have it back and am back to blogging.

for love and lemons - land of eternal spring ss 14 look book

i always find look books so inspiring and the latest offering from for love and lemons is no exception. from the layered silver bangles, boho chic vibe and bright colours and those knee high sandals i am totally in love with it all.